Mama's Blessed : 6 Ways to Bond With Your Child + DIY Glitter Slime

6 Ways to Bond With Your Child + DIY Glitter Slime

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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If you have not watched Miracles From Heaven yet, now is the time! It is such an uplifting story. I love that it shows us that God is with us always and miracles are everywhere. This world right now really needs to know this, and I know that this movie is making a difference and softening hearts. The family that this story is based on is the Beam family from Texas. I am not going to go into detail about the movie or tell you how it all turns out. I want you to watch it and see all that for yourself. BUT their middle daughter got super sick and the family was going through a lot. Their love for God and their faith helped them through. 

After watching Miracles From Heaven it got me thinking about how I have been blessed so much and do not need to take advantage of the time I am given on this earth. My children mean the world to me and I thank God for allowing me to be their mother. The day to day life can be stressful and chaotic. Being an adult comes with so much responsibility that sometimes I forget to stop and just soak in the love that I have around me, my family. Today I am listing ways to bond & spend time with your child/children. It is important that we spend time with them and show them that we truly love them. 

+ Date - Get out of the house together. If you have more than one kid take one at a time. This will give each child plenty of time with you. You can focus giving all your attention and love to that child on your date. Go get yogurt, go to the movies, or even shopping. 

+ Cook - Enjoy some bonding with your little assistant. Let them help you prepare the meal or snack every step of the way. It is okay to get a little messy to just to get a smile on their cute little face. Ask questions and get a little conversation rolling or turn on some music and have a dance party right there in the kitchen! 

+ NO technology - Put down the phone and stay away from that computer or tablet. Your child needs to feel important and continually being on social media or your phone is showing them the opposite. This is something I am working hard on. I really want to start limiting my technology and Internet use. I want to spend the majority of my time enjoying life with my family and not staring at a screen and scrolling nonstop. 

+ Craft - Make something together. I helped my 3 year old make glitter slime the other day. She had a blast. It was a great way to spend some time with her while her younger sister was napping. She had my complete attention and she had a blast getting a little messy and making something she has been so excited about getting her hands on. 

Here is how we made it:

What you will need - 

- 1 cup of water
- 1 bottle of clear glue
- Tube of glitter
- 1 tsp of Borax

1. Pour entire bottle of glue into a glass bowl. Add glitter but the amount of glitter is up to you. We only used half of the tube. 

2. In a separate bowl mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 tsp of Borax. 

3. Add Borax mixture to the bowl with glue and glitter.

3. Wait 10 seconds then dig in and grab the forming slime.

4. Do not let the slime sit to long in the left over mixture because it will make the slime to hard. This happened to us the first time around. 

5. Playing with it out of the Borax mixture that is still liquid will help turn it to slime. If it is to gooey just dip in the mixture and keep playing with it. 

6. Once you have the consistency you want and your child is done playing with it, you can store in Ziploc bag til they are ready to play again!

+ Write - Sit down together at the table with some crayons and make a list for each other of all the reasons you love [ or are proud ] them. This will be fun for you both but it will also make the heart happy when your child writes or says how awesome a mom you are. Or when you read your list to your child and tell them that you love their little giggle or are so proud of them for doing so well in school. Then hang them on the fridge for a reminder that your home is filled with love. 

+ Movie - Snuggle up on the couch with some snacks and watch a movie. Miracles From Heaven is great for the whole family to enjoy. I know it will truly bless your heart and make you cuddle up to your child a little bit closer. You can purchase the Miracles From Heaven DVD at Walmart. What is really awesome is when you purchase the DVD a $1 of your purchase is donated to Children's Miracle Network

Miracles From Heaven social pages: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Have you seen the movie? Let me know in the comments how you liked it! Also, in what ways do you try to spend time and bond with your child? I am always looking for new ways to enjoy time with my minis! 

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