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Mama Survival Kit

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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Today's post is about speaking freely about life's little surprises. You know the ones that you sometimes get embarrassed about and may be unprepared for when they pop up. 

As a mama we are always worried about getting that diaper bag packed full of every possible thing the kids may need for any possible situation. Most of the times we forget to pack things that we may need as well. Sometimes there just isn't enough room. The kids are not the only ones that can have accidents, we mamas can too.

That time of the month, maybe a little leak, or even those crazy things that happen during pregnancy [ you mamas know what I am talking about ] can result in a run for the nearest bathroom with kids in tow. We get in there and dig all through the diaper bag and NOTHING! Maybe a diaper or some baby wipes but that probably will not get the job done right. Not to mention it is the last diaper for baby! 


When you grab your phone and wallet to toss into that diaper bag throw in this kit too. For the mama emergencies. I know there were some times after having my first child, while pregnant with my 2nd, and then after having my second that I really could have used a mama survival kit. I can not count over the years how many times I have been in Target, most the times in the back of the store, and had to stop everything and run to the bathroom. Sometimes for one of my kids but sometimes for me. 

Below is a list of what is in my kit. You may choose some or all of these things when creating your own. Or even add other things that are more fitting for you and your life. 

+ Cute little make up or travel bag. 
+ Hair tie 
+ Bobby pins
+ Mirror/face powder
+ Lipstick for touch ups
+ Wipes for food stains on clothing
+ Deodorant 
+ Hand sanitizer
+ Gum
+ Pain reliever
+ Dry shampoo
+ Liners 

If you carry a wallet around with a coin pouch keep your change there for emergencies. If not throw some in your kit! 

When it comes to liners I stick with Carefree® and have so for years and years! I have two types in my MAMA SURVIVAL KIT - Carefree® Acti-fresh® ThinCarefree® Original Regular. Here are a few reasons to carry both and why they are trusted by me for my emergencies.

Carefree® Acti-fresh® Thin Liners - Thin & absorbant. 8-hour odor control. Will keep you fresh & clean feeling throughout the day. Super soft & flexible. Constructed to lock in fluids. These are perfect for that time of the month pop up or ending. 

Carefree® Original Regular Liners - These are the classic ones! Cottony soft and they stay put. Tiny enough not only to put in your kit but also your back pocket on your jeans. These are great for period related emergencies but also all the other kinds. Even for the "Just in case" situations! When I was pregnant with BOTH my girls I carried and used these always. 

Target has an amazing deal on Carefree® products right now. If you do not use the Cartwheel app yet now is the time to start! There are amazing discounts on products through the Target store. Right now through August 7th there is a discount through Cartwheel for 10% off Carefree® liners. 

I would love to hear in the comments below one of your "life's surprises" where a MAMA SURVIVAL KIT could have come in handy. NOTE: This kit is for any woman really. I am a mama so I consider it a Mama survival kit because I through it in the diaper bag with all my kid's stuff. 

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