Mama's Blessed : SAHM Must Haves For Online College

SAHM Must Haves For Online College

Friday, July 15, 2016

Well guys I signed up the other day for a Dental Assistant course online. Though I would love to go to the local dental school the schedule and money just are not in the books for me. I am paying less than half I would be paying if I was going to actual dental school. I am totally excited and can not wait to get some hands on work experience soon. That part I am working on. With all that being said my goal is to go back to work. BUT I will stay a stay at home mama til I can actually get a job that is a Dental Assistant position OR at least dental or health care office related. Because a CDA can be assigned office duties as well. So this post is not a WORKING Mama's guide but a STAY AT HOME mama's guide to what you need to take college or career courses online. 

Let's get right to it.. These are the MUST HAVES I have decided I need since starting just a week ago. If I already know they are needed in only the first few days then I am sure they will be a must for every other SAHM. Maybe not just stay a home moms. 

+ Quiet time & place - I have TWO toddlers. Well a 19 month old & an almost 4 year old. So it can get pretty rowdy in my house. And MESSY! Oh gosh the messes.. Having a certain place to do your work is important. Quiet uninterrupted time is very important as well. I tried taking my FIRST test while my two kids were running around the house. NOT the best idea. I am learning guys! For me I prefer to sit at my kitchen table or if it is late at night my couch. The best times for me to actually study, take notes, and take tests is early morning when everyone is just getting up, my youngest's nap time, or bedtime. I look forward to the day that I can get my husband to take both my girls out of the house so I can have peace and quiet. Though I am afraid I will end up napping if that happened!!

+ Planner - Every mama and every person whether in school or not NEEDS a planner in their life. Having a planner makes me feel more organized and less stressed. I have one just for my blog and etsy business and then I have a personal one. I have decided that I will be using my personal planner for school / career related things. Y'all I do not know if i could handle THREE planners daily. Yikes. Bravo to the ones out there that have more than two they use regularly! Using a planner to keep up with goals and due dates will help keep you on track and motivated. I also have been adding "study", "school work", "take test" to my daily to do lists in my planner. That way I do not forget to do something daily that is career related. Here is a great option for a planner. I know a lot of bloggers are loving this one!

+ Schedule - This goes along with the planner. Having a set schedule for your online courses is a great way to succeed. Do not get me wrong, sometimes I am all over the place and fail to follow a schedule BUT when it comes to school and my career, having a schedule will help me NOT FAIL! I know this from experience. I have taken an online course before a few years ago with the same school and failed because I did not finish in time. I did not plan out a schedule and would forget to log in to the school website and actually do some work.. A LOT. So I got behind and never caught up. I did not seem to make it a priority. 

+ Binder & supplies - One of my favorite things.. SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! So of course this mama went right out after enrolling in online school to the store for supplies. Right now since I am just starting out I purchased a binder, dividers, paper, and high lighters. I already have pens. That would be so inconvenient & weird in life if I did not already own pens. Who doesn't have at least one pen? & pencils DO NOT count. I do, when the time comes, want to try the flash card method. So index cards will be on the list of must have supplies too. 

+ Off days & breaks - I doubt it is a good idea to work or study non stop. If I am reading and taking notes for to long I start to get really distracted and forget what I am reading. So breaks are a good thing. I get a refresher. Just like a job or school [ I am sure there are some people that work 7 days a week though ] you get days off. So being at home and in charge of when you sign in and do school work, you should still take a day or even two off. Just like with daily breaks, days off will help you return refreshed and ready for what is next. 

+ Motivation & excitement - Being excited about what you are doing and the end goal is important. Motivation is something that will push you to get there. Not just fast but completely. Rushing through something that is kind of boring you may mean that you did not really soak in all the information that you could. AND possibly that you half- BUTT did work and tests. NO GOOD! I am excited about this new journey that I am on. In high school when I was in all the health occupation classes I was OBSESSED with all things Dentistry. At the time I wanted to be a Dental Hygienist. & even though now that is not the career I am working toward it may be something I decide to do later. The motivation I have is my family. Doing something I enjoy and HELPING my husband take care of our family is the goal. My kids motivate me. You never know what the future holds so I know I want something something that is secure and something I enjoy. 

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+ Support - Having somewhere to turn when you need help can be a life saver. I have an online community of students and professors I can communicate with when I need help. Also, having a husband and family that support me will make this journey I am on go a lot more smoothly. When you have some where to turn for support and help you will less likely give up. You got this! 

Anything I should add to my list? Have you or are you currently taking some sort of online school or college courses online? What helped you through it? 

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