Mama's Blessed : The Bachelorette Week FIVE + FREE Printable

The Bachelorette Week FIVE + FREE Printable

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I am so late on posting this! There was no new episode this past Monday so this is from the week before. YIKES! Check out my posts from the previous weeks here

+ Wells that was awkward! Wells finally had his first kiss with JoJo in a sexy but weird setting. Not really sure what you would call what they were doing. They were sliding around on water but the flooring was glass and people could be underneath and see if they look up. BUT the date ended with Wells getting sent home. I felt bad for him but totally seen it coming.

+ Chad may be gone but there is still plenty drama. Jordan and James get into it because James tells JoJo how Jordan is. I am so over Jordan y'all!

+ The date with Chase, Derek, and JoJo was just another Bachelorette AWKWARD moment. They were doing the Tango dance. That date ended with Derek being sent home. NOOOOOOO!!! I was totally TEAM DEREK. :/

+ Alex oh Alex .... He has always been so tough and confident throughout the season. He seems to be getting scared. & he pretty much said he did not love her yet. Why has he fought to stay this long then?

+ When JoJo was talking with Chris saying she did not want to give out the last rose at the ceremony I was FREAKING y'all!! She ended up giving out two roses and not sending anyone home. That made JAMES extremely happy.

+ I totally think Alex will go home next. I like him but then I do not. What do y'all think?

AND now for a FREEBIE! 

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