Mama's Blessed : For The Gilmore Girls Obsessed

For The Gilmore Girls Obsessed

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Anyone else obsessed with Gilmore Girls and binge watching it on Netflix right now? I am on season 7 and I can not wait for November to get here. I love you NETFLIX for bringing Gilmore Girls back, even if it is for a short time! I am ashamed to say that when Gilmore Girls was actually airing years ago when I was a teen, I NEVER cared for it or watched it! INSANE RIGHT!? Well, I am totally in love with this show now, I wish it never had to end. I must say I feel like I am SO MUCH like Lorelai. & can I just say #MotherDaughterGoals. Oh & of course COFFEE is LIFE! A show that is all about coffee is worth watching.. over and over. 

I am sharing some Gilmore Girls goodies I have came across online. I want everything! 

Talking As Fast As I Can - Lauren Graham * I must get this book when it comes out! *

Eat Like a Gilmore Recipes - Homemade Pop Tarts, YES PLEASE! 

Okay, now can we get serious?! Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan? I think I have been on all the teams. All three of Rory's guys have made me like and dislike them. I want to know why there could not be a Team Marty?! & what about Team Luke or Team Christopher? I was always Team Luke til I have gotten toward the end of the show. Now I am pretty much Team Christopher. 


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