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Back to School Style With Gymboree #MiniStyle

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Who else is not ready for the new school year to start? My oldest will start Kindergarten in less than 3 weeks! I still have shopping to do and I am running out of time. Clothing and school supplies shopping is the fun part of prepping for back to school. [ Getting the kids back on a good sleep schedule.. not so much. ]  Also, it is a great time to bond with the kids. 

I have done a little shopping with her so far and it has been fun helping her pick out stuff and watching her get excited about things she really wants. Of course, there were some unicorn school supplies already purchased! I see a school supplies haul post coming soon. :) 

There are a handful of places I like to shop at for my daughters. Gymboree is an awesome place that has super cute clothing and always has great deals going on. I put together a few outfits that I could totally see my 5 year old wearing. It will not start getting cool here in Georgia til probably October, so everything is still kind of summery. Though, all of it can be worn into the fall and winter season with some layering! Anyone else ready for hoodie and cardigan season? 

What all do you have left to do in preparation for the new school year for your child/ren?

Gymboree Sale On Now!
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+ This post contains affiliate links, & I will be compensated if a purchase is made after clicking the links. +


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

  Wow it has seriously been almost 2 years since I have blogged or even touched this blog! I thought I never wanted to blog again, deleted all my blog social media accounts, started online school for my CDA and started working in childcare. NOW here I am as a stay at home mama ready for the world of blogging again.

  I have been working in preschools for the last two years til this June and decided [ with my husband ] that I would try staying at home for a while. My oldest starts Kindergarten in like 3 weeks and my youngest does not start Pre K til next school year. Makes sense to spend this year home with her for sure. For the most part I really enjoy working in preschool but I sure have missed my daughters and the time I could have spent with them. So I am excited that this summer I have got to spend all my time with them and soon I will get some one on one time with my youngest!

  If you ever read my blog in the past or followed me on social media, you know I started a PRINTABLE Etsy shop back in 2015. I still have it and I now create t-shirts and mugs. My goal is move from Etsy and have my own site where I sell my products and blog. GOALS! With that being said, eventually I plan to move this blog to Wordpress and change the name to Mama Designed. MORE GOALS!

Last night I thought "Why wait?" pulled out a notebook and started brainstorming post ideas. I am excited to be back. BUT changes are coming!

For The Gilmore Girls Obsessed

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Anyone else obsessed with Gilmore Girls and binge watching it on Netflix right now? I am on season 7 and I can not wait for November to get here. I love you NETFLIX for bringing Gilmore Girls back, even if it is for a short time! I am ashamed to say that when Gilmore Girls was actually airing years ago when I was a teen, I NEVER cared for it or watched it! INSANE RIGHT!? Well, I am totally in love with this show now, I wish it never had to end. I must say I feel like I am SO MUCH like Lorelai. & can I just say #MotherDaughterGoals. Oh & of course COFFEE is LIFE! A show that is all about coffee is worth watching.. over and over. 

I am sharing some Gilmore Girls goodies I have came across online. I want everything! 

Talking As Fast As I Can - Lauren Graham * I must get this book when it comes out! *

Eat Like a Gilmore Recipes - Homemade Pop Tarts, YES PLEASE! 

Okay, now can we get serious?! Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan? I think I have been on all the teams. All three of Rory's guys have made me like and dislike them. I want to know why there could not be a Team Marty?! & what about Team Luke or Team Christopher? I was always Team Luke til I have gotten toward the end of the show. Now I am pretty much Team Christopher. 

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